Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Conversation Between Friends

I've read a lot of blogs that have their own special niches and/or gimmicks to get their readers' attention or some other guarantee to provide consistency. Posting in a character's point-of-view. Reviewing other books. Providing author interviews. Creating a fantasy club or class. Providing grammar or writing advice. And all the power to those bloggers. If I had one of those ideas or thought I was in a position to hand out advice, then I might be doing that as well.

But I don't plan on doing any of those things. I don't want to hold myself to a strict or predictable schedule. I'd like to write what I feel in the moment. For me it's important to find the flow when I'm writing, and some days are better than others. Ideas come in the middle of the night and fail to come after staring at a computer screen for an hour. I don't feel qualified dealing out any sort of writing advice. I subscribe to three writing magazines and read numerous agents blogs and find so much conflicting advice it drives me crazy. And besides, a lot of it is subjective. And there's never just one way to get somewhere, not one right way, no single way to succeed.

I plan on just talking about my book, a little about myself and some of the strange ideas floating around in my head, my processes, dreams of grandeur, obstacles, and insecurities that writers who are not yet where they ultimately want to be can hopefully relate to. And that was a run-on sentence that I'm not going to be concerned about editing. Editing is for my stories. This will just be conversational between you and I, a conversation between friends. I don't know if this is a right way or even a good way to go about writing a blog, but it's the way I'm choosing now. Thanks again for reading! 

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