Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Thanks For the Hop!

So the YA Giveaway Hop officially ended at midnight and I only made it through 80 of the 226 blogs. I had hoped to reach 100, but it's okay. I still think I did a respectable job. Through the Hop I found a lot of cool book bloggers and authors, made a few connections, and officially launched my social media existence. Yay me! I'm here to stay and will most definitely hop again.

I had so much fun with the Hop that I signed up to participate in two of them over the next few months. I already put links to the ones I signed up for in the side bar: YA Paranormal Activity and Kick-Butt Characters. They both sounded awesome and I should be able to find some good prizes. They will be my first giveaways. So I'll have to do some research to make sure I set them up right. I promise they will be butt-kickingly awesome. I'm like 90 down on the list of blogs participating, so please look for me (and do check out many others)!

Thank you again for those of you who've joined me on this journey toward the release of my debut novel, Provex City. It's scary, but less so with friends like you at my side. And the journey has just begun. Call on a friend. Greet a stranger and invite him along. Everyone's welcome as we head toward a magical place. Onward!  

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