Friday, March 16, 2012

Provex City is FREE This Weekend!

As I said in my announcement post for Provex City on Monday, the ebook would be free this weekend on Amazon. Well, the weekend is upon us and Provex City is free starting today, a phenomenal promotion that goes through Sunday! Now is the best time to check it out!

Also, remember that if you do not own a Kindle, then you are still in luck. No Kindle = No problem. Amazon provides an assortment of Kindle apps that work for most electronic devices that it's possible to read a book on: computers, tablets, and smartphones (hey, I don't want to read a book on my phone, but I know people who do). Download the app, download the book, and you're ready to begin the adventure.

So, now is the time to invest (and with no money down! - my used car-salesman pitch) in Provex City! I appreciate your interest and time, and I'd love to read your Amazon review if you'd be so kind to post one. I wholeheartedly thank the people who've reviewed it thus far. You're rock stars! Happy Friday, to all, and to all a good read! It's time for me to get ready for work.


  1. One can always download to the Amazon cloud as well.

    1. Nice detail to keep in mind. Thanks, Alex!

  2. Provex City is now downloaded onto my Kindle! Now, to find time to read it...

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