Saturday, April 14, 2012

"M" is for Mr. Clock

I mentioned in the "G" post that there is a ghost that my baby girl converses with on a regular basis, and my wife named him Mr. Clock.

We have a circular, mechanical clock on the wall above the changing table. Many times, regardless of her mood and attention, when we lay Gwendolyn on her changing pad, she perks up and focuses solely on the clock. She smiles, coos, and laughs, looking up at its dark wooden frame. She speaks in her cute baby language, and Mr. Clock ticks back his response, seemingly aware of just what she'd said. And they continue to carry on a full conversation. Paying a visit to Mr. Clock is one way we can get her from screaming to smiling in 2.3 seconds.

My wife and I have both leaned down to Gwendolyn's vantage point to see the clock from her perspective, but nothing magically appears for us. There is no smiling face within the face. We've recorded these events and you'd swear there was someone looking down on her and making funny faces. It's the only place in the house where that occurs. And frequently, she's more reactive to the clock than to us.

But I can't complain. Any means of stopping her from crying and getting a heart-melting Gwendolyn smile is a blessing. So the clock on the wall, dubbed Mr. Clock, is doing a great job of entertaining our daughter. He is a friendly ghost and I appreciate the watchful and protective eyes of friendly ghosts. Thank you, Mr. Clock. We owe you one!

Have a great weekend, A-Z bloggers and appreciated followers!


  1. Hahahaha that is rather interesting. How old is the clock?

  2. What a cute post. I love clocks like this, and it's fun to think of a friendly ghost that only the baby can see. Great story!

  3. If it helps then don't knock it.
    Wonderful M post.

    Have a peaceful week-end with your family.


  4. I enjoyed reading this gorgeous story.
    It's great that your daughter has Mr Clock to calm her!

  5. What a delightful post! I've never thought about the images around the house that my children may have befriend in those necessary moments. Such a precious thought though.

    I hope that you'll keep Mr. Clock around for Gwendolyn!

  6. Wow, that's really interesting! My nephews are similarly enticed by ceiling fans. :)

  7. Love this story! My son used to love ceiling fans. I guess anything that moves in a circular motion does the trick!

  8. Isn't that cool! Make sure that clock keeps ticking! LOL. :)


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