Wednesday, April 25, 2012

"V" is for Violet

Early on I talked about my 15-pound Chiweenie, Bugsy. Now I get to introduce you to his older, aggressive, pint-sized sister, Violet. We got her from a no-kill shelter almost two years ago, and we were told she was between three and five years old. She had very little records and almost no history. We joke and say she's from the streets, which is why she's ten pounds of pure aggression.

She bullies "The Bugs" to no end. And to Bugsy's dismay, she enjoys making friends (human and canine). You may remember that Bugsy hates everyone. Violet is the exact opposite. She loves nearly everyone, but be careful, she's very aggressive with her love. Her kisses land right on the lips every time no matter how you try to maneuver her--it's a gift.

She lives by her own rules, and breaks even those. Bugsy can only jump a few inches off the ground, while Violet can jump nearly three feet with a running start. She can also squeeze through holes that look half her size--she is a master of escape! When Violet isn't knocking "The Bugs" around, she spends her free time stealing beds and toys, and burrowing under blankets. She could be anywhere waiting to attack you with kisses or to seize the one remaining item Bugsy still has. Bugsy never has a chance. But she gives back by keeping him clean. She performs a great service by licking his head, ears, teeth, and eyes. This can go on for upwards of ten minutes. It's hilarious, endearing, and gross simultaneously. See, she's a bully with a heart of gold.

This picture was taken after a fit of chasing her tail. She was exhausted and oh so proud of herself. Violet, who would want to get rid of you?


  1. I love animals and this post was excellent to read.


  2. Hi Violet! Lovely name and a happy face. Nicetameetcha! :)

  3. She's an ornery character then!
    And like the new blog header.

  4. Don't you love sibling rivalry? I agree--who'd want to get rid of her?

  5. Too cute. They sound like lovers to me!

  6. Great story! Sounds like a fun part of the family. :)

  7. Yvonne, me too! Thanks!

    Mina, Violet says, "I'm thrilled to have a new friend!"

    Alex, Thanks!

    Bethie, they must have been stupid people. haha.

    Archna, it does get inappropriate at times.

    Nicole, she's pure entertainment.


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