Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Flash Fiction: Gentleman Masquerader

Today, my flash fiction is my entry for Candilynn's Follow My Lead Flash Fiction Contest. It has to be under 300 words and use the first line supplied. Also, there is a picture supplied to use as extra inspiration. Thanks, Candilynn! Follow the link above to check out the other entries. Enjoy!

Gentleman Masquerader

The streets of this restless city never slept. Two couples walking as one stumbled along the sidewalk, clinging to each other for support, prattling and pointing, spilling and sinking, drinking through the night’s festivities. Those standing in doorways watched as they passed; others laughed and flashed, reaching for necklaces falling from balconies.

The street was filled with pedestrians instead of cars, the parties spilling out from the bars, creating a single group of hedonists. The couples finished their drinks and dove into the crowd to dance. Passing masqueraders and exhibitionists, they claimed a spot and let the music take them to the next level of ecstasy. The guys swayed and the girls twirled, reaching out and pulling back into each other’s arms.

“May I have this dance?” a masked man asked, stepping out from the surrounding dancers—offering a painted hand.

He bowed and the girl curtsied with a smitten giggle. Her partner stepped back and allowed the guest into their group’s intimate circle. She took the costumed man’s hand and stepped closer. He kept her at an elbow’s length as he led her through a classical waltz. They glided to the music like royalty amongst peasants.

When the song they started with bled into another, the elegant stranger cupped the girl’s hand in his and held it out.

“You are a lovely dancer, my dear. And so very beautiful,” he said and raised her hand to his lips and gave it a soft kiss. She blushed from his old-fashioned etiquette—and moaned when he sunk his teeth into the meat surrounding her thumb.

The masquerader dropped her hand and met the gaze of the group with blood dripping from his chin. Before the screams, he bowed again and slipped inconspicuously into the restless city crowd.


  1. He charmed her right out of her blood! I didn't see that coming

  2. Great twist! I love N'awlins, but next time there I'll remember this and be more careful :)

    Happy Weekend!

  3. You should never trust the mysterious masked stranger. But, then you'd miss all that fun.

    Shiver me timbers.

    Great story.


  4. What the hell he's do that for? Loved this. Creepy as all get out and flipp'n good too.

    Have a great weekend, Michael!

  5. The ending came out of nowhere. I liked it.

  6. Heather, indeed!

    Carol, it's dangerous with all those ghouls running around.

    Teresa, very true. :)

    Mina, damn bloodsuckers. haha. You too!

    Jennifer, thanks! :)

  7. Nice. Subtle and elegant. In the zombie version he bites her thumb clean off. Good writing here.

  8. Excellent story Michael.

    Have a great weekend.


  9. Oh wow, did not expect that ending! Brilliant :)

  10. Goodness, didn't expect that ending. Beautiful prose, though. I love the movement and whimsical word choices in the middle.


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