Monday, July 16, 2012

Hookers & Hangers Blog Hop: Hookers Edition

Hookers & Hangers Blogfest, July 16th & July 18th, presented by Falling for Fiction.

We all know how important the first and last lines are in every chapter. This blogfest will hopefully get your HOOKERS and HANGERS polished making it impossible for readers to put down your book and leaving them begging for more!

On July 16th, post the first sentence from each chapter.

On July 18th, post the last sentence from each chapter.

Post as many as you like!

We will be judging everyone’s first three HOOKERS and first three HANGERS. We’ll each pick two winners (MOST ENTICING HOOKER and MOST IMPOSSIBLE HANGER) making a total of ten winners! Winners will receive a 10 page (double spaced) critique and a Friday Spotlight on FFF! 

Here are a few of my chapter opening hooks from my newly completely first draft of SUSY Asylum (The Lorne family Vault Series, Book 2). Enjoy!
  1. There were still blood stains on the concrete where he had taken his last steps and collapsed.
  2. Anna was a great girl and I think she really liked me, but every time I closed my eyes to kiss her, I pictured Desiree.
  3. Desiree’s plan to turn me into a born-again Lorne was underway—and I couldn’t tell if the idea was brilliant or insane—but she was committed to it.
  4. I sat silently on Desiree’s empty bed while her mother and sister slept soundly, with no idea I was in their house.
  5. The icy hands holding me under the water felt so real, not metaphorical hands, but real hands, which were then pulling me up.
Click on the picture at the top of the post to see the other bogs participating in this hop, and pay them a visit. Thank you, ladies of Falling for Fiction! Come back Wednesday for the Hangers portion of this blog hop!


  1. The first one is a great way to open a story.
    Since I don't write in chapters, this would've been really difficult for me to do!

  2. I like number 1, but I also don't mind 2 and 4. Great hookers Michael.

  3. Great hooks. I am totally intrigued by number 2. If anna is so great, why is he picturing Desiree? Anna seems like a nice girl. After all, she did kiss him. What is so great about Desiree? haha Look forward to seeing your hangers.

  4. These are excellent hooks, and every single one of them would have me reading more. Thanks for sharing.

  5. These are great first lines. Love the first one.

    I'm so glad I'm not the one doing the judging. It's going to be tough.

  6. I love all of your lines. Some are quite chilling.

    Just a chemistry reminder..."cement" is an ingredient in concrete. You can have a "concrete" floor but not a cement one.

  7. I really like your 3rd one, especially with the preface of your second one. Great hooks!

  8. Eek! The first one was really attention grabbing! Actually, they are all good, but I liked the first one the most. :D

  9. Dark and intriguing! Love them! Especially number three :)

  10. Wow! You had me at the first one, then the second one was amazing! Great job, Michael!

  11. Ooh, intriguing. Especially since I've read the first book and know who these characters are!

    Allison (Geek Banter)

  12. Definitely glued with #1! Really great lines!

  13. The first one is a great story opener!

  14. These are all good, but I agree the first one is gripping!

  15. Really want to know what this story is about! Love the first one! And that last one is so chilling.

    Can't wait for your hangers!

  16. The writing is super good! I really like the voice. And that first one is fantastic!

  17. Fantastic writing - # 1 is a great way to open a story!
    First time stopping by your blog - I also love Elliot Smith... :)

  18. Alex, then you could just pick any line that really grabbed you. You'd have so many more to chose from! haha.

    CM, thanks.

    Sidney, my first book creates that tension, and this is where it explodes.

    Clare, thank you!

    Stina, thanks.

    Michael, nice catch. I totally missed that. Less work for my editors now. I hope you're not going to send me a bill. :)

    JA, thanks.

    Emily, glad it struck a nerve. :)

    Kyra, thank you! :)

    Hope, that's one of my favs.

    Cassie Mae, thanks so much! :)

    Allison, I hoped you'd say that. :)

    Leigh, thanks! :)

    Vik, thank you.

    Heather, thanks! :)

    Jenny, I can't wait to get it edited and ready!

    Kelley, thanks! :)

  19. Kim, thanks so much. It's nice to find someone else who truly appreciates the artistry of Elliott Smith. :)

  20. Ohh I like the creepiness of your hook lines... they're great. The 4th one was especially eerie... which is why I loved it.

  21. I also love the first hook. It really has me intrigued to read more. :-)

  22. I really like the voice in these, great job. I think #2 was my favourite

  23. These are all excellent hooks. I really liked the one with the hands. I have a fear of drowning. Eek!

  24. Nice lines, Michael - I think my favourite is this one:

    Desiree’s plan to turn me into a born-again Lorne was underway—and I couldn’t tell if the idea was brilliant or insane—but she was committed to it.


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