Monday, September 24, 2012

"I'm Kind of a Big Deal"

I watched Billie Joe Armstrong's (of Green Day) meltdown at the iHeart Radio Music Festival (I wasn't really there, I just saw it on YouTube), and it was funny, but disappointing. I've loved Green Day a long time, not since 1988, but since the mid '90s. I believe their music has gotten better over the years, which is rare. Most highly successful bands get better over a few albums, hit a peak, and their subsequent albums never quite make it back to that peak level.

Green Day's capable of putting on one of the best live shows in rock, but what I heard from the iHeart Radio Music Festival performance did not live up to their usual standard. I heard that their set was cut short because Usher's ran long. I understand that festivals (especially one like this that had such a wide range in music) aren't filled to capacity with your fans. He was probably drinking too much before the show, and he's not as young as he used to be (I can relate to that). It was too bad that fans of different music couldn't see Green Day kick ass like they would have for one of their own shows.

The funny thing about the rant was all the imagery it stirred up for me. First, it reminded me of all the rants that Axl Rose used to do at his shows back in the day; his own public therapy sessions. Then I heard Ron Burgundy in his tone: "You may not know this, but I'm kind of a big deal." And lastly, with Billie repeating "one minute, one minute!" over and over throughout his rant, I heard "two dollars, two dollars!" from Better off Dead and parodied wonderfully in Not Another Teen Movie. With all of this imagery going through my head, his rant became comically cartoonish.

The rant was disappointing because I know Green Day is better than that. It doesn't help to punish the people in the audience for their perceived injustice by the concert coordinators/management. They certainly didn't win over many, if any, new fans. Maybe it was part of a stunt for free press for their new album that drops tomorrow. Oh well, that's enough of me ranting (using less expletives) about his rant. 


This Week in Happenings...

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  1. I saw them when they headlined Reading Festival in 2004, and they were on early because some acts had been bottled off before them. So they were able to play a longer set, and they were amazing. I was in tears when they played Good Riddance.

  2. I totally cracked up about the two dollars, you're so right about that LOL. The whole thing does seem totally comical now.

    I love Green Day and agree with you 100% that they are one of the few bands who got better over the years. American Idiot is one of my fave albums ever.

    Friday's blogfest sounds like a fun one!

  3. I didn't see that, but will have to check it out. I like Green Day.

  4. Some people shouldn't drink and perform.
    I saw them in concert years ago. Disappointing to think he might follow the same path as Axel.

  5. Wow. What a hissy fit! Can you imagine if we did that? "90,000 words? 90,000 [censored] words?!" LOL

  6. I hope if I'm ever a 'big deal' I don't feel the need to tell people.

  7. I love Green Day but I'm disappointed by the rant, although I can understand his frustration. Sad situation for all

  8. Yeah, that's sad. I head he checked himself into rehab. It's just another case of celebrity life gone wrong. What would tabloids to without 'em though.

    "Where's my two dollars?" Best line. :)

  9. I'm a huge fan of Green Day and have been since junior high, lol. I'm so disappointed with Billie Joe's behavior. They put on the best shows--they were totally the highlight of the VMAs for me, and I saw them for their American Idiot tour, which was such a blast! My husband has gone to a few of their shows and is a huge fan, too. I totally get his frustration.

    Billie Joe is sexy, but his behavior was not. It's no secret he has struggled with drug addiction and alcoholism, and now he's going to rehab. I hope he gets his act together 'cause I need more Green Day in my life! ;D

  10. I'm a HUGE Green Day fan. I'd listen to any rant that they had. This is one band that should be treated with the respect that one treats geniuses, because their music is really that good. I think that they were disrespected and unappreciated for their musical talent. Shame really.

  11. Okay, so nobody who is a fan of Green Day cyber kick me, but I'm not a fan. But, speaking of Axel Rose, I'll tell you a bit of a secret. I was in love with him in the 80's. I know, but there was something about his grunge, that I liked. I also perfected his little swaying backwards dance. I can still do it today when I hear Sweet Child of Mine.


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