Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Indie Life: Changing Seasons, Changing Gears

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With my blog tour less than a week away, I've been thinking a lot about my next book. I have the new book I'd codenamed Project Winter outlined and started. But I keep going back to my outline for Book 3 of the Lorne Family Vault. It feels so unfinished. And it's been calling to me. And I hate things left unfinished. A big part of me wants to start something new, but another part--a nasty and more controlling part--wants me to finish what I've started.

So after much deliberation, meditation, and confrontation with the nastier part of myself, I've decided to switch gears. I am putting Project Winter aside for now and starting Book 3. I liked the idea of serializing my next book since I can't crank out multiple full-length novels in a year, and I had originally not wanted to change the format of the Lorne Family Vault halfway through the series, but what the hell. I've already figured out how to break up Book 3 into four clean parts, so I can still release in a timely manner.

I've regained the excitement I feel had been lacking most of the summer. Fall is here, and the change of season is refreshing. I look forward to continuing with Oliver on his adventure to discover who he is, what is in the Lorne family vault, and why he can no longer go home. I hope this isn't a mistake (from a business perspective), but then again, writing is never a mistake (from a  writer's perspective).

The SUSY Asylum (Lorne Family Vault, Book 2) blog tour begins on Monday, and will go for two weeks (averaging three stops a day). So I'll be posting on Monday next week with links to all the stops. See you then!


  1. Glad you found the excitement again! And your tour is next week - perfect timing.

  2. Michael, best of luck with the blog tour. Since you're writing spec fiction, I'd be happy to feature you on my blog sometime. Email me at kitsy84557 AT gmail DOT com whenever.

  3. I hope your tour goes well. And just keep writing. The more books you have out there, the more chance that people will discover your work.

  4. It's always fun when the writing bug hits just not when you're trying to work on something else. Good luck with whatever you decide on doing next.


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