Monday, October 14, 2013

SUSY Asylum Blog Tour Starts Today!

I'm so excited at announce the SUSY Asylum Blog Tour starts today! It is hosted by CBB Book Promotions, with scheduled stops for the next two weeks. There are even more blog participating than during the Provex City Tour, and in less time, so we have to keep moving.

There is a tour-wide giveaway, a $50 Amazon gift card, which you can enter at any of the blog stops. For Candace's Book Blog, on Wednesday of this week, there is a second giveaway just for her post, which is a $15 Amazon gift card.

Thank you so much to Candace at CBB Book Promotions for putting this tour together. Click on the links below to continue the journey, and I hope you enjoy the ride.

Monday, October 14th
Tuesday, October 15th
Wednesday, October 16th
Thursday, October 17th
Friday, October 18th


  1. Wow, that would've overwhelmed me! Good luck and congratulations, Michael.

  2. How exciting! Congratulations and best of luck, Michael. :)

  3. Good luck on the tour, Michael. I'll try to stop by some of the places featuring your handsome mug and your incredibly brilliant book.

  4. Wow, you're going to have a very busy week. I'll stop by as often as I can.

  5. Good luck with the tour! Congrats!!

  6. Congrats on #2! And good luck with that impressive tour line up.


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