Wednesday, July 2, 2014

IWSG Wednesday: Doria Falls is Done!

Happy Insecure Writer's Support Group Wednesday. Thank you again to Alex J. Cavanaugh, the creator of the group. The first Wednesday of every month is dedicated to this group of supportive writers. If it's something you're not familiar with, then please click on Alex's link above for more information and to sign up!

It’s been a long time coming, but I finally have a completed manuscript of my third novel, Doria Falls, Book 3 in the Lorne Family Vault. I wrote the final words on Wednesday of last week, and over the weekend finished my first round of editing. My beta readers will dive into it over the next few weeks as I begin the next round of editing. Hopefully, I can hand it over to my editor by the end of the month.

Even though this book took me a few months longer than I had hoped, I’m proud with how it turned out. I don’t want to kick myself too much for my sporadic daily word counts and celebrate the steady progress of one more novel under my belt. Doria Falls is a big change from the two previous books, especially SUSY Asylum. Clocking in at a slim 75,000 words (slim by comparison), Doria Falls is a very streamlined novel. The story within Provex City took place over several months, SUSY Asylum over several weeks, and Doria Falls over several days. It picks up exactly where SUSY Asylum left off—to the minute. Now I need to write a blurb for it, which is not something I’m looking forward to.

Along with editing and formatting, I am beginning to plan for the fourth and final book in the series. This will be my first experiment with a thorough, scene-by-scene outline. Hopefully, this will help my productivity during the writing process and maximize the limited time I can devote to my novel each day. My plan is to begin writing by the beginning of September and have a finished first draft by the end of the year. This series will always mean a lot to me, but I’ve reached the point where I just want to get it done and begin something completely new. It’s time to finish up and move on, allowing a whole new chapter in my writing career to begin.


  1. Congratulations on getting it done and to beta readers. It does feel good to reach the end of a series, or see the end at least.
    Good luck with the blurb. That was my goal for this week and I think I managed a decent one.

  2. Congrats on the finish. That's always a good feeling. I'll be interested to hear how the outlining goes.

  3. That's wonderful news! Congratulations and good luck with the blurb. I think they are so hard to write!

  4. Congrats! My fans won't let me end my series...

    I started another anyway. :)

    Blurbs are the hardest things to write.

  5. Congrats. I'm curious how the outlining goes.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Congratulations, and awesome news. Your commitment to your writing is a source of inspiration to me. I hope one day I will have a story for you to beta read.

    Outlining scene by scene sounds like a great idea. Almost like playing a movie of the story out in your head before you begin.



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